World War I


Ottoman Breakup


Caucasus War

Russian Revolts
Russian Revolt Montage

Fall of 1918




Ukraine, Russia, Northern Caucasus


Ukraine Gains Independence. Peasant revolts are put down. Republican armies are destroyed.

Major battles:

Kiev, Sevastopol, Novgorod, Donetsk


Flag of UkraineUkraine

Darker green and Black flagRussian Peasants

Russian Republicans

Supported by:

Flag of the German Empire German Empire

Flag of Russia (neon) Russian Empire


Mykhailo Hrushevskyi Aleksandr Antonov

Nicholas II Alexi Brusilov Alexander Kolchak




Casualties and Losses

800,000 Dead

1,100,000 wounded

At least 1,700,000 Dead Many more wounded

  The Russian Revolts were a series of revolts spanning from 1918-1920. The revolts were caused for multiple reasons, and by both nationalists and the peasant/working class. The revolts began after the stalemate in western Ukraine in WWI as well as neglect of the poor working class affected of this. Another contributing cause to the war was Ukrainian and Caucasian nationalism, which would be a cause for revolution in many nations after WWI. the first hostilities opened in Kiev when armed rebels attacked Russian guards and military barracks around September 20th 1918, in which was called the September revolution.  The attack left casualties on both sides but ended in all of the soldiers in the barracks being killed or captured. The Russians responded by sending multiple regiments into Ukraine. Battles between both the Germans an Ukrainian rebels showed cracks in the military. around 1919 the first peasant and republican revolts appear in small towns in the country, dissatisfied with the system. Much of these revolts were met with force, and in late 1920 the two met in the largest battle of the revolts, in the town of Novgorod. The War ended with the Treaty of Odessa in Ukraine and with the republican/peasant armies destroyed. many of the captured rebel leaders were sent to Siberian prison camps. Ukraine wound gain independence.

Early protests

The war left a draining toll on the Russian Empire. Crop failures, a lack of men to work the industry, and inflation of the ruble had caused a breakdown in the lower class. Meanwhile in Kiev, the first riots in Ukraine, in major cities such as Kiev and Kharkiv, by both the lower class and Ukrainian nationalists.

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