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Welcome to the Russian Reversal timeline, here I will explore the changes which come about after the Russian Empire changes from a Tsarist Autocracy to a Constitutional Monarchy in the early 1880s. This alternate history explores how the world changes from the late nineteenth century to the modern day, along with cultural, leadership, politics, and so on.


Tsar Alexander II -4

Tsar Alexander the Reformer

The PoD occurs on the 13th of March 1881. While on his way to the annual Sunday role call at Mikhailovsky Manège, Emperor Alexander II of Russia survives another assassination attempt by the terror group Narodnaya Volya. Shaken by the attempt on his life, and the continuing attacks on official buildings and government officials around the country, Tsar Alexander become convinced that the only way to put an end to the terror in Russia is to create a democratic constitution. Calling on the State Council, Tsar Alexander II orders them to complete the deed. Borrowing aspects from various democracies found around the world, the new document makes drastic reforms to the structure of the government in Russia.  The most important of which, is moving the governing power from the Emperor to the bicameral Imperial Parliament of Russia, thus changing the Russian Empire from an autocratic government to a constitutional monarchy.  As time goes on  other reforms put Russia on the track of becoming a major democratic world power, but this change sets off a chain of events which eventually lead to a successful socialist revolution in the United States in 1917 and a flipped Cold War between the United Socialist States of America and the Russian Empire.



Timeline: Part Two

List of Countries




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