Russian Republic
Flag of Russia Russian coa 1917
Flag Coat of Arms
Subdivisions of the Russian Empire in 1914
Location of Russia
Anthem "The Worker's Marseillaise"
Capital St. Petersburg
Largest city Moscow
Language russian
Demonym russian
Area 22,740,624km2/8,780,134 sq mi km²
Population 330,052,837 (3rd) 
Currency ruble
Calling Code +7
Internet TLD .ru

The Russian Republic has an interesting geography in addition to an interesting ethnic composition accumulated over its expansion period. With 22,740,624 km2 of territory, Russia is the world's largest country. The country has a slightly larger population than the United States (322,369,319) and the population is bigger than OTL Russia and all of the other former soviet countries and Finland combined because the soviet collapse never happens.

Early History

The country was founded in Slavic resistance to the mongols. Some time later, the Czar period is started by the 1st Czar, Ivan the Terrible. In the 19th century, Russia formed an alliance with France known as the Double-Entente. Later, Great Britain joined and formed the Triple-Entente.

20th century

In 1908, the Russian empire crushed protests but formed the state duma to prevent another one like it (was just a few people selected by the Czar to make it look democratic). In February 1917, czar Nicolas is overthrown in a bloodless coup and the Russian Republic is born. Very little changed in Russia's foreign relations as the country remained with GB and France. In OTL, the Russian Republic was short lived because the government chose to remain in the war and the October Revolution dissolved the state in the same year. Without the war, the Russian Republic lives on. The capital remains at St. Petersburg because the reason it was switched to Moscow was to prevent a German invasion during WW1. In 1959, Russia develops nuclear weapons. In the 60s, the civil rights movements in America inspire the same thing in Russia with Azerbaijanis, Ukrainians, Finnish, etc. In 1982, the country launches its first space station.


Russia is one of the few EU countries which do not use the euro. There are independence movements for Finland and Ukraine, neither of which, Russia wants to lose.

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