Российская республика
Russian Republic
Flag of Russia.svg
1917–1990 Flag of Russia.svg
Flag of Russia.svg Blason Russie 1917.gif
Flag Coat of arms
Rabochaya Marselyeza
Russia Map 3 (White Victory).png
Capital Moscow
Official language Russian
Religion Christianity
Government Parliamentary republic
 - 1917—1946 Alexander Kerensky (first)
Prime Minister
 - 1917—1936 Pavel Bermondt-Avalov (first)
Legislature National Duma
Historical era Russian Revolution, World War II, Cold War
 - February Revolution 1917
 - Established 1917
 - Disestablished 1990
 - 1935 est. 160,846,790 
 - 1990 est. 187,932,106 
Currency Russian ruble

The Russian Republic (Russian: Российская республика), or just Russia (Россия) was a state formed following the February Revolution of 1917. The Russian Empire collapsed, and Tsar Nicholas II abdicated. The new leadership was shared by the Provisional Government, led by Prince Georgy Lvov and later Alexander Kerensky, and the Petrograd Soviet, a council of leftist leaders. The Soviet planned to attempt a revolution, but their would-be leader, Vladimir Lenin, died of a stroke while in Switzerland. Kerensky disbanded the provisional government in October and formed a permanent one, with himself as the President of Russia.

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