Российская Демократическая Федеративная Республика
Russian Democratic Federative Republic
Flag of the Soviet Union (1923-1955).svg
1949–1991 Flag of Russia.svg
Flag of Russia.svg Blason Russie 1917.gif
Flag Coat of arms
Patrioticheskaya Pesnya
CV Russian Republic orthographic map.png
The Russian Republic in 1990
Capital Petrograd
Official language Russian
Religion Russian Orthodox
Government Federal presidential republic
PresidentAndrey Vlasov (First)
Mikhail Gorbachev (Last)
PremierPavel Bermondt-Avalov (First)
Ivan Silayev (Last)
Legislature Constituent Assembly
Historical era Cold War
 - Established 23 May 1949
 - Reunification 8 December 1991
Currency Russian ruble (руб)

The Russian Democratic Federative Republic (RDFR; Russian: Российская Демократическая Федеративная Республика), informally known as the Russian Republic (Russian: Российская республика, translit. Rossiyskaya respublika) or West Russia, was a republic established by Germany in 1949 out of the western zone of the occupied Soviet Union. The Russian Republic comprised of the European sections of Russia, bordering from the northwest to southeast, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, East Turkestan, and Siberia. In 1991, after the ousting of the Republican government, the Northern Eurasian states formed the Russian Federation with the unification of the Russian, Siberian, and Far Eastern republics.

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