Russian North America
Россійская Сѣверная Америка
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Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Saint Alexander
Russian, English
  others Various native dialects
Monarch Nicholas III
Governor Матвей Логунов
Area area km²
Population 623,434 
Established 1883
Currency Ruble
Russian North America (Russian:Россійская Сверная Америка) is a territory of the Russian Empire in the Northwestern North America. Russia North America is adjacent to the United Provinces of America to its east and has a maritime border with Russia proper to the west. Informally the territory is simply referred to as Alaska. At the far edge of the world this land was known for its unending expanse, inspiring both wonder and disillusionment; many did not wish to visit much less invest in the block of ice.

Entering written history as an outpost for fur traders the territory was mostly pristine from European settlement until the first gold rush in the 1880's. Through the early 1900's Alaska became a penal colony for both criminal and political prisoners. Reforms in the 1910's transformed the face of the colony including the construction of the current capital Saint Alexander..

Alaska rapidly developed as a mining colony under direct control of the empire until autonomy was granted in 1950. Militarily Alaska became important as a naval and air base for the rest of the Russian Empire.With wide scale development the territory has been subject to several environmental disasters and ecological destruction. Worldwide efforts led by the Global Security Conference are now being made to restore the area's unique ecosystem.Today, Russian North America has become a center for tourism, military industry and conservation research.

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Districts and Territories

Fort Ross | Russian Antarctic Territory | Russian North America

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