Russian Liberation Army
ROA chevron
Patches worn by ROA troops
Active 1941-
Country Russia
Allegiance Flag of the German Reich (1935–1945)Nazi Germany

Naval Ensign of RussiaRussian Republic

Branch Army
Type Ground forces
Role Territorial defence
Size 1941-44: 20,000

1945 and after: 1,000,000+

Headquarters Moscow
Nickname Vlasovtsy
Colors Blue and white
Anniversaries June 29
Engagements World War II
Battle honours Iron Cross
Commanding officer Andrei Vlasov

The Russian Liberation Army was a force of Russian defectors that fought for Nazi Germany during World War II. After the Soviet Union was defeated at the Battle of Moscow, the ROA became the military of the Russian Republic, a puppet regime established by Germany. Following the final defeat of the Soviet Union in 1944 at the Siege of Ufa, the ROA swelled in numbers due to draft, gaining at least one million soldiers. To keep them in line, Hitler had German officers placed in high positions within the Army.


Creation and service

The unit did not officially exist until April 1941. Several thousand Soviet prisoners of war were serving in the Germany Army by that point as volunteers, though were under exclusive German command. After the defection of Soviet general Andrei Vlasov, the idea of an exclusive Russian unit in the German military began to come to fruition. Vlasov claimed the Nazis would need the support of the Russian people in some way, otherwise they would face the largest guerrilla movement in history. Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister, and Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS, both agreed to the idea and tried to convince Hitler to make it a real unit.

The high command refused to due so, and did not even consider it until April of 1941. The German armies had advanced far into Soviet territory in Operation Barbarossa, and were nearing Moscow. However, they were plagued by mass resistance in the conquered territory. Finally, after a meeting between the four in Berlin, Hitler agreed to create the first ten divisions of the Russian Liberation Army. Vlasov went to POW camps and recruited from there by giving speeches, and appealed to Soviet citizens in German occupied territory in Russia. Thousands joined, mainly to stay out of the Axis POW camps.

The War

Russian Republic



600th Infantry Division (1st Russian)
623rd Infantry Division (2nd Russian)
626th Infantry Division (3rd Russian)
631st Infantry Division (4th Russian)
635th Infantry Division (5th Russian)
400th Armored Division (6th Russian)
409th Armored Division (7th Russian)
411th Armored Division (8th Russian)
102nd Alpine Division (9th Russian)
151st Alpine Division (10th Russian)


Ground forces

1st Russian Army
101st Infantry Division
105th Infantry Division
109th Infantry Division
111th Infantry Division
103rd Armored Division
107th Armored Division
2nd Russian Army
200th Infantry Division
202nd Infantry Division
206th Infantry Division
208th Infantry Division
210th Armored Division
3rd Russian Army
304th Infantry Division
307th Infantry Division
321st Armored Division

Special units

Russian Corps
15th Cossack Cavalry Corps
12th Alpine Mountain Division

Air units

ROA Air Force (ROA VVS)
1st Fighter Group
2nd Fighter Group
1st Bomber Group
1st Transport Group

1944 and afterwards

Ground Forces

Western Military Command
5th Army
9th Army
11th Army
14th Guards Army
Eastern Military Command
19th Army
21st Army
25th Army
Southern Military Command
28th Army
30th Army
32nd Army
Cossack Corps
Northern Military Command
35th Army
36th Army


Baltic Fleet
Northern Fleet
Caspian Flotilla
Black Sea Fleet

Air Force

2nd Air Army
6th Air Army
9th Air Army
12th Air Army
16th Air Defense Army
18th Missile Army



  • Private
  • Private First Class
  • Corporal

Non-commissioned officers:

  • Junior Sergeant
  • Sergeant
  • Senior Sergeant
  • Warrant Officer


  • Junior Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant
  • Senior Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Colonel
  • Major General
  • Lieutenant General
  • Colonel General
  • Army General

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