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Russian League
Русская Лига
Timeline: Premyslid Bohemia
Flag of Russia.svg Coat of arms of Russia (XV Century)
Flag Coat of Arms
Russian League in 1470
Russian League in 1490.
Capital Moscow
Largest city Moscow
Other cities Suzdal
Language Russian
Religion Eastern Orthodox
Ethnic Group Russians

Russian League was created by Ivan III in 1481 after he defeated the Tatars.


Ivan III of Russian League

Ivan III of Moscow

In 1480 Ivan III defeated the Tatars and pushed them from Golden Horde and later took Novogrod Republic. Boyars in the Southern Novogrod, however, didn't like Ivan and created their state called the Tatar Defence State. Tatars have hold their place until 1493 when Ivan began his siege and pushed them of into low lands near the river Ob. Here he crashed them and defeated them. However, this was for the cost of his own death. He was then succeeded by his son Vasili as Vasili III of Russia.

Free Russia

Russian League and Tatar Defense State in 1490

The Two Rivals in 1490.

Vasili III reigned from 1493 and punished the Tatars for their cruelty by them having to pay him peace tax which his dad had to pay to them.

Russian League and Tatar Defense State in 1494

Free Russia and The Tatars in 1494.

Further History in Making.

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