President Medvedev does not call off war with Georgia. The EU begins to pressure him to do so but he will not. France, UK, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Germany declare war on Russia.


12 August 2008 - President Medvedev of Russia and President Sarkozy of France fail to agree on peace plan.

13 August 2008 - Russian forces invade Georgian region of Imereti.

14 August 2008 - Georgian forces withdraw from Abhkazia and South Osettia.

17 August 2008 - Russia takes complete control of North-East Georgia (Samegrelo-Zemo Snaveti and Imereti).

18 August 2008 - EU try to force a Russian withdrawal from Georgia.

20 August 2008 - Russia conquer eastern half of Shida Kartli. France declare war on Russia.

22 August 2008 - UK and Greece form alliance with France.

25 August 2008 - Russian soldiers in Kalingrad invade Lithuania.

26 August 2008 - Sweden and Denmark join the European Alliance Against Russia, as it has become known.

28 August 2008 - Russian forces take control of all Georgia except Tbilisi, Kverno Kartli and Kakheti.

29 August 2008 - Armenian and Azerbaijani soldiers are first to come to the aid of Georgia against Russia.

31 August 2008 - French troops finally arrive in Georgia.

1 September 2008 - Russian troops invade Azerbaijan.

2 September 2008 - Russia takes control of Balakən.

4 September 2008 - British troops arrive in Georgia.

5 September 2008 - Greek and Russian navies battle off Abkhazia. France seizes control of Guria and Adjura.

6 September 2008 - Greece establish base in Abkhazia.

8 September 2008 - Germany, Sweden and Poland invade Kalingrad.

9 September 2008 - Russian troops withdraw from Lithuania and Azerbaijan.

10 September 2008 - Russia withdraw from Georgia.

11 September 2008 - Russia and Georgia form ceasefire, giving Russia north-west Georgia.

12 September 2008 - Poland given control of Kalingrad.

15 September 2008 - Protesters in St Petersburg kill four police officers. They want Georgia to be given its land which was seized by Russia and are calling for a national election.

18 September 2008 - EU call for resignation of Medvedev.

21 September 2008 - Increasing pressure for Medvedev to resign.

22 September 2008 - Medvedev resigns from office of Russian president. Putin becomes acting president.

23 September 2008 - Russian troops invade Georgia for the second time in one year.

25 September 2008 - Putin becomes dictator of Russia.

14 November 2008 - Russia has complete control of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

17 November 2008 - Vladimir Putin is assassinated.

18 November 2008 - Medvedev becomes acting president. National election campaigns begin.














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