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Russian General Election, 1940 (Reign of Roosevelt)

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This Election was planned for December 1, 1940 but was canceled upon the outbreak of World War II. The government justified their actions by saying "Don't switch horses in the middle of a stream!

The Election

1936 New Flag of Russia 1944 › ›
Russian General Election, 1936
December 1, 1940
Stalin2 A Kosygin D Ulyenin
Nominee Joseph Stalin Alexei Kosygin Dmitry Lenin
Party National-Democratic Liberal Russian Nationalist
Home state Russia Russia Russia

The National Democratic Party nominated incumbent Joseph Stalin, who was eligible for another two terms. The Liberal Russia Party chose Alexei Kosygin as its nominee when popular Vyacheslav Molotov left to be Stalin's Foreign Minister.

On the day that the Election was to be held, the Tsar signed the First Renewal Bill of 1940 which was approved by the Council of Secretarial Ministers. This renewed Stalin's term as Prime Minister and allowed him to stay in office for another four years.

Rioting and Disputes

There were several riots and uprisings across Russia. Hundred of protestors gathered in the streets of Moscow and charged the Kremlin Palace following the Renewal Bill.

The next day, the Tsar and the Council issued a statement justifying their actions claiming that they should not "switch horses while crossing the stream," a saying often used by wartime governments.

One man cited the United States, where Election were still being held during Wartime. Eventually, the Tsar spoke directly to the people, although not until January of the following year. In his speech, he restated the Justification Issue and said that the Council voted on and unanimously approved the Bill. During the speech, an assassination attempt was made on the Tsar, although it failed.

Dmitri Lenin, who ran against Stalin in 1936 and was going to in 1940, said that Stalin was doing a fine job leading the country through the war and that the Russian people were being foolish.

By mid-year, people gave up and decided that the government was right.

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