Russian Federation 

Flag of Russia.svg


Coat of Arms of the Russian Federation
Location of Russia
Formed after the WWIII in 1997 the Russian SFSR reconstituted itself as the Russian Federation and is recognized as the continuing legal personality of the Union state. The Russian Federation is a rather small time player in the Solar System Politics ,Dominated by NATO(lead by the US) and the Hanoi agreement(lead by the Republic of China).


The Soviet Russia's economy used to be largely based around its oil and natural gas industries, which are owned by the state. However as the most of the World stopped using Oil and moved to green energy, Russia's economy is only growing at a marginal level. It is suspected that Russia is supplying Weapons to 3rd World States.


Every president is elected for 5 years according to the Constitution and one may be on two terms only. Until the election of Vladimir Putin, all of the federation's leaders were pro-west and Boris Yeltsin (the First president Post-soviet Russia) even tried to make Russia to join NATO, However this initiative was rejected by both the Russian public and NATO. With the first election of Vladimir Putin in 2007 A Rapid change is shown in Russian politics as they move to support the East rather than the West.

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