Федерация Республик России и её Приданных
Timeline: Dutch Superpower

OTL equivalent: The Former USSR + Mongolia
Democratic Republic of Russia flag Imperial Coat of arms of Russia (17th century)
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
St Petersburg
Language Russian, Turkish
Religion Islam, Orthodox Christianity
Government Federation
President of The Republic's Sultan Bayezid III
President of Russia Aleksandr Demichev
Area 22,402,200 km² km²
Population 308,789,000 
Established 2001

The Federal Republics of Russia and her subjects, commonly known as the Russian Federation is the successor state to The Russian Empire and the two states that had occupied Russia after WWII, Ottoman Russia and North Russia.

As one of the major Allied powers during the World Wars Russia alongside France was harshly punished by the victorious Imperials and was divided between the Stalinist Ottoman Russia and the Union backed North Russia for nearly sixty years. North Russia emerged as a major global power during the Cold War and the Anglo-Dutch civil war that followed. Reunification came at the beginning of the 21st Century as the Ottoman Sultan withdrew his support for the Empires rogue Russia puppet. Despite the reunification and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire the legacy of Turkish rule hangs high over the young federation but despite this the Russian Federation is a young state that seeks to reclaim the status that its two parent Empires let through their grasp.

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