Russian Federation
Timeline: Ascent 1967

OTL equivalent: Russian Federation
Flag of Russia No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "Hym of the Russian Federation"
Capital Moscow
Largest city Moscow
Other cities St Petersburg
Language Russian, English
Religion Christianity (Russian Orthodox), Islam
Demonym Russian
Government Federal Semi Presidential Republic
President Dimitry Medvedev
Prime Minister Boris Yeltsin
Population 145 million 
Established 25th of December 1991
Independence from Union of Sovereign Soviet Republics
  declared 25th of December 1991
Currency Ruble (RUB)


The Russian Federation is a successor state to the Russian Soviet Republic . The USSR officially collapsed in 2005 after constitutional reforms and a recession that was gripping the former Soviet states. The other Soviet Republics of Belarus, Ukraine and many others, were given semi-independence via the Berlin treaty signed in 1972. In 1991 they were finally given full independence, with all ties cut from the Soviet government. The USSR continued to exist with multiple changes over the years that slowly hastened its dissolution. One of the first was Mikhail Gorbachev's reforms that introduced a Nordic style government and offered peace talks with the West after the reunification of Germany in the late 70's.

The changes proved to be a success as foreign tourists and refugees were allowed in with open arms. Gorbachev left office after leading his nation through economic hardship. His successor, Boris Yeltsin did some work on the reforms that Gorbachev left in place, he allowed the mass exodus of Jewish citizens to Israel. Vladimir Putin, who was the Prime Minister during Yeltsin's term, was elected President in 2003 after Yeltsin, he made the USSR more democratic but also increasing the military budget, making the Western nations wary about the new leadership.  Putin was kicked out of office after corruption accusations with the fall of the USSR imminent. Dimitry Medvedev is currently 3rd leader of the Russian Federation, in office since 2013 currently in his second term as leader. His goals were to rebuild relationships with Western nations and help the struggling space program after numerous accidents with Russian satellites.

Space Program

The Russian Federal Space Program (Roscosmos) is the leader in launching spacecraft in the Russian Federation, their main launch facility is Pletesk Cosmodrome, after an accident at Baikonur caused the Kazakh government to shut it down. 

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