The Russian Federation is the largest country in the world. It stretches from the Arctic (Finland, the Baltics) to the edge of the Pacific. It was founded in 1721, and still survives through to this day, though the monarchy is long gone, having been voted out by the ballots. Russia also has territories in South East Asia, and is designated as Russian South Pacific (though it also has designs on Australia and New Zealand).


The Russian Federation is a multi-party democracy, though this tendency is sometimes controversial. For instance, Russian leaders still use the KGB as an internal security organization, designed to tackle organized crime and corruption, but also suppress dissent. Revolts in Chechya has resulted in the Russian Army's brutal retaliation.

Russia is ruled by the President and the Prime Minister. Its current leader is President Dmitri Medvedev, and the Prime Minister is Vladimir Putin. In 2012, Viktor Yanukovych will run for the Presidency along with Aleksander Lukashenko.

The State Duma is represented by a couple of political parties, such as the United Russia Party, Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, the Russian Social Democrat Party, and some minor parties that represent the federal subjects, such as United Ukraine and United Belarus.


Russia is tied with China and the USA for the largest economy in the world. However, India is slowly catching up in ranks, making it possible to overtake the three countries. Still, the Russian economy has reformed itself to be the manufacturing, industrial and logistical hub of the world, especially in the districts of Russian Siberia, Russian Far East and Russian South Pacific, Service industry exists in Russia, though it's very small in the RSP and the majority is located in the European sector of Russia. Oil and other minerals are still dominating the economy, but manufacturing is new to the Russian economy. As a result of companies wishing to save costs of doing business in China, Russia seems to be a better place. Most notably, Russia is experimenting with fusing passenger aircraft and old military transport planes. The defense industry also provides Russia with hard earned currencies through the sales of its famed AK rifles, Russian tanks and the well known MiG fighter aircraft.

Russian South Pacific is also known as the Special Economic Zone of the Federation because of its proximity to countries like China and Australia(though the government in Canberra repeatedly calls for the end of Russian rule in South East Asia) and it's far from the mainland.


The Russian Army is also tied with the Chinese Army for the status of the largest armed forces. Though the Chinese PLA is larger in human power, the Russian Armed Forces are larger in technological terms. They also have a Space Force stationed up in the Russian Soyuz ISS. Most weaponry from all modern armies are manufactured in Russia, though there are some countries that continue to use more expensive weaponry from western European states and the USA.

Russia's Navy is also the largest, because it needs its fleet to safeguard their passage into the Mediterrenean Sea(through the Black Sea and the Dardanelles) and the Pacific Ocean(where the Russian South Pacific is located). In addition, it also has a couple of carriers, but the majority of the warships in service are submarines and destroyers. There was an earlier attempt to create a submarine carrier, but the project failed.

The Air Force is the only area where Russian supremacy is questionable. The Chinese PLA Air Force has the largest amount of fighter planes, but India is rapidly catching up to China in terms of military power. There are a couple of Russian military bases all over Russia(including RSO where Camp Stolypin is located in Kolgorod, which is OTL's Cabanatuan City)

International Relations

Russia has good relations with the European Union and the United States, though the relations with the latter are strained due to the Russian support for the Canadian rebels. Relations with those countries have been restored after decades of the Cold War between the Eurasianists and the Atlantic Pacific Faction. All of the constituent republics with the Russian Federation are stable, though there may be some exceptions(most notably Chechnya). Relations with the rest of the Pacific nations are warm, but strained in the cases of Australia and New Zealand. Of course, these two nations constantly call for the independence of all nations within the Russian South Pacific, which causes some irritation in Moscow.

In the Middle East, Russia is a major player in fostering good relations with the Arab world. Its economic experts assist those nations in their economical modernization.

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