Russian Empire
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1721–1870 Flag of Russian Empire for private use (1914–1917).svg [[German Russia|]]
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Capital Petrograd
Government Absolute monarchy
 -  Established 1721
 -  Disestablished 1870
The Russian Empire was a state that existed from 1721 to the end of the First World War. It was one of the largest empires ever as it spanned 3 continents at its peak. It came after Russia soon dominated political affairs as many smaller kingdoms began to fall in Europe and the Middle East.

The Russian Empire began as a union of the Russian Duchies who were led by the most powerful Duchy of Moscow. The nation was a prospering one and was growing and expanding eastward very fast but was extremely unstable due to the decentralized government. After conquering much of Siberia the Duke of Moscow, Apalkov Gavrila Georgiy, began centralizing the duchies into the Kingdom of Moscow.

This centralization continued and soon the Duchy of Kiev and Duchy of Petrograd would not hand over there lands. In 1718 tensions were boiling between the Apalkov Family and Kievan-Rus Family. In 1719 over a claim dispute in the caucus region the two armies of the Alpakov's and Kievan-Rus's engaged which would evolve into the First Russian Civil War.

The Apalkovs won easily and arrested and executed the entire family which led the other dukes to flee to the German Empire in latter 1719 to escape persecution. The Alpakovs in 1720 after gaining full control of Western Russia proclaimed the Russian Empire.

From 1720-1735 the empire struggled financially as it pumped money into its expansion to the east. When Kapralov I died his ambitious son Kapralov II took over. He feared that as they moved eastward they would be travelling into nothing but the icy Siberian heartland. He began to look south towards modern day Kazahkstan. It was ruled by weak tribes that would be easily defeated.

From 1735 it continued its expansion and expanded into regions rich in oil and minerals. It was further bolstered by the drilling of oil wells in 1846 and this hugely improved its economy. However it was a lone wolf. It was an unpopular empire due to its brutal conquests and leaders. This self-dependence would lead to its downfall in World War One. It had forged alliances with the weak south eastern European kingdoms which were highly influenced by Russia's enemies the German Empire and Austrian-Hungarian Empire. It was soon defeated after Germany's swift invasion of Western Russia. After much of Western Russia fell to the German Empire, Georgiy Palamov established the Eastern Russia Communist Party which executed the Tsar Nicholas V and established the East Russian SSR which would be the founding state of the Soviet Union.

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