Rossiyskaya Imperiya (Russian Empire)
Российская империя
Timeline: The Purple Mantle

OTL equivalent: Russia plus several territories including the Manchurian space (Port Arthur)
Flag of Russia Lesser Coat of Arms of Russian Empire
Russian Empire (orthographic projection)
Russian Continental Possessions

S nami Bog! (Russian)Motto
Съ нами Богъ! (Russian)
(""God with us!"")

Anthem "Боже, Царя храни! (God Save the Tsar!)"
(and largest city)
St Petersburg
  others Finnish, Swedish, Polish, German, Romanian, French
Russian Orthodox
  others Roman Catholic, Protestant, Judaism, Islam, Old Believers, Buddhism, Paganism
Ethnic Group Slavic
Government Unitary Constitutional monarchy
  legislature State Council and State Duma
Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias Peter V
Prime Minister Leonov Bolshoi
Area 22,800,825 km² 
Established 1721 A.D.
Currency Ruble
Time Zone UTC +4 hours
Internet TLD .ru

The Russian Empire had a critical moment during the Russo-Japanese war. However, after its victory and several key measures taken to alleviate the social uprising managed to maintain the Empire as a World Power until these days.


XVIII Century:

1721: Peter I The Great decrees himself as Autocrat Emperor, creating the Russian Empire over the pre-existent Tsardom of Russia and moving the capital to its newly built city: St Petersburg, while creating a new State where the Emperor will be in full control of everything.

1762: Catherine II The Great is crowned and relying on the Nobility begins and military expansion policy that will turn the Empire into a major European Power.

XIX Century:

1812: Napoleon Bonaparte's failed Invasion into Russia. Even though Russia has become a political superpower, economically is far behind the European Nations and it does nothing to remedy this.

1853: The Russian Empire manages to advance over Georgia and Armenia (Ottoman Territories) however it stops after an international coalition attacks Crimea and the Byzantines work out a Deal between the beligerents.

1893: Gold is discovered in the Alaskan territory of Yukón (almost sold to the United States during 1865) and exploitation begins rapidly.

1896: The Industrial Revolution is propelled in Russia through the Emperor Nicholas II. Two groups begin to thrive the political stage: The Kadets (Liberal Constitutionalists) and the Social Democrats (Marxists).

XX Century:

1905: The Russian Empire aided by the Byzantine Kingdom, have a decisive victory over Japan sealing the "Russo-Japanese War" and managing to conquer "Port Arthur" as well as several key location over Manchuria (recognizing, however, Korea under the Japanese area of influence).

  • After a series of protests by the several political groups, Russia reintroduces the Duma, and begin to improve the worker's lives while maintaining several key elements improving Industrial progress and Infrastructure.
  • The Leftist Bolshevik movement is diminished and after a series of strikes and radicalized attacks, is eventually outlawed.

1911: October: Nicholas II is killed by a Bolshevik agent.

  • December: Mikail Alexandrovich Feodorovna, cousin of the Tsar is accepted as the new Emperor Nicholas III, but only after he accepts to pledge to a new National Constitution and to the Duma as the main source of Institutionality. This leads to the triumph of the Kadets and the demise of the Bolsheviks who are pursued and definitely outlawed.

1914: First World War:

  • The Byzantine Kingdom Enters the WWI allied to the "Entente".
  • The Russian Empire Enters the WWI allied to the "Entente", but avoid major involvement, reducing costs. While selling equipment and sending Units along the Byzantine Front.

1968: Vast Petroleum sources are found in Alaska.



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