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Russian Empire
Российская Империя
Timeline: Principia Moderni (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Russian Empire, Russia
Flag of Russia Imperial Coat of arms of Russia (17th century)
State Flag of the Russian Empire Imperial Coat of Arms of Russia
Principia Moderni Map 1716
Russia is in light Blue

Съ нами Богъ (Russian)
("God is With Us")

Anthem "God Save the Tsar"
Capital St Petersburg (Russia), Vilnius (Lithuania)
Largest city Moscow
Other cities Penza, Nizhny Novgorod, Veliki Novgorod, Riga, Ikurstk, Nicolaevsk, Kiev, Rostov, Tul, Sibir, Kazan, Bachisarai, Astrahan, Novomoskovsk, Vostochniy Novgorod, Noviy Vladimir, Vladimir, Suzdal, Yaroslavl, Omsk, Minsk
  others Finnish, Lithuanian, White Russian, Little Russian(Ukrainainas)
Russian Orthodox Christianity
  others Islam, Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism, Native Beliefs
Ethnic Groups
  others Malorussian (Ukrainian), Belorussian, Amerindian, Indian, South African, Tatar, Bashkir, Finns, Poles, Lithuanians, Mohawk, Algonquin, Maori, Aleut
Demonym Russian
Government Absolute Tsarist Monarchy
Emperor (Tsar) Nicolas I Romanov
  Dynasty: Romanov
Chancellor Vladimir Lenin
17 000 000 km²
  water (%) a lot %
Population 150 000 000 inhabitants
Established 1708
Currency Russian Rubble
Organizations Council of Europe

This article is About the Nation, its Predecessor and Successor States as a part of Principia Moderni (Map Game). It will be updated hopefully every 10-14 in-game years

Introduction: a bit of History

Muscovy, Kiev, Novgorod, UGR and Tsardom Eras

for this history see the article on the Tsardom of Russia (Principia Moderni)

Imperial Era

In 1708, Peter I Declared Russia an Empire. Ironically, in the exact same year, Finland Breaks off and declares its own republic. Soon after, there was an attempted assassination of Karl XI of Sweden,

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