Imperial Standard of the Emperor of Russia (1858–1917)


Russia is giant. A giant, that is for the first time in history awakening. Even if Russia suffered a loss to Napoleon I, it is stronger than ever. Now thousands of troops amass daily, preparing to take back Russian lands. The ports of the Baltic will allow Russia to emerge once again from its isolated state. And the tiny nation of Mecklenburg (in north-eastern Germany) has already offered to be a springboard for the liberation of Germany and Austria . Russia is backed by Crimea and Ottoman Turkey, and their amies are expanding every day as well. In North America, Russia now has a strong colony. This colony must be protected from the vile British. The British. Now they as traitors who are no better than the French. In recent years international disputes between Britain and Russia have greatly increased. While Russia and its allies prepare for war with France, Britain just sets by and watches. Russia's power grows...

Russia is green, Pro-Russian is light green


Russia is Green

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