the Russian Empire
Российская Империя
Timeline: Napoleonic Europe (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Russia
Flag of Russia Lesser Coat of Arms of Russian Empire
Flag Coat of Arms

С нами Бог (Russia)
("God is With Us")

Anthem "God Save Us"
Capital Moscow
Largest city Moscow
Other cities Petrograd, Tsaritsyn, Vladivostok, Omsk
  others English, Chinese, Japanese, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Polish, Finnish, Alaskan Russian, English, French, Native Greenlander, Native Alaskan
Eastern Orthodox
  others Catholic, Protestant
Ethnic Groups
Russian Whites
  others Chinese, Japanese, Finnish, Swedish, Mongols, Iranians, Afghans, Arabian, Germans, Italians, Romanians, Alaskans, English Canadians, French Canadians, Natives of Alaska and Greenland, others
Demonym Russian
Tsar Nicholas III
  Royal house: Romanov
President Georgy Rusokovich
The Russian Empire is an Empire with land in Europe, Asia, North America, and Greenland and is the largest nation in the world. The current Tsar is Nicholas II and the Grand Dukes of Alaska and Greenland are Mikhail I and George I respectively. They are the younger brothers of Tsar Nicholas II. Tsar Alexander III was introducing limited democratic reforms until his untimely death. His son, Tsar Nicholas II introduced even more reforms and practically turned the Empire into a democracy. He also negotiated the purchase of Western Canada and the creation of the Russian Greenland Territory and the Russia Western Grand Duchies, which are Duchies by name but still have Duma seats and elections. Russia has had three midterm elections so far. Five political parties were created, these being the Nationalist Party (liberal, center left, left), the Imperial Party (conservative, right, far right), the Progressive Party (center-right), the Federalist Party (far left), and the Union Party (center).

NE Russian Duma

  • Blue: Nationalist Party
  • Red: Imperial Party
  • Yellow: Progressive Party
  • Green: Federalist Party
  • Dark Teal: Union Party
  • White: Non-partisan

  • White Left: Tsar
  • White Right: Non-Partisan Advisor
  • Blue Left: President
  • Blue Right: Vice President
  • Red: Imperial Party Leader
  • Yellow: Progressive Party Leader
  • Green: Federalist Party Leader
  • Dark Teal: Union Party Leader

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