Rossijskaja Imperija
Russian Empire
Timeline: Das Rote Kaiserreich

OTL equivalent: Part of the Soviet Union, China, India, Indonesia, Indochina, Pakistan, More than half of Australia

Motto: С нами Богъ!
(Russian: God is with us!)

Anthem: God Save the Tsar!
Capital: Novosibirsk
Largest city: Novosibirsk
Other cities: Vladivostok, Beijing, Shanghai, Delhi
Russian, Chinese Languages, Indian Languages
  Other languages: Siberian Languages, Indochinese Languages
  Other religions: Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism
Ethnic groups:
Russian, Chinese, Indian
  other: Baltic, various Slavic, French
Demonym: Russian, Imperial
Type of government: Semi-Democratic Autocracy
  government: The Upper House
Emperor: Dimitri Romanov
  Emperor and Autocrat of All Russians and Asiats: Romanov
Tsarevich: Georgiy Mikhailovich Romanov
Area: approx. km²
Population: approx. 2,740,500,000 inhabitants
Established: January 7, 1988
Independence: from Soviet Union
  declared: January 7, 1988
  recognized: February 19, 1988
Currency: Imperial Ruble
Time zone: URT, URT+1, URT+2, URT+3, URT+4
  summer: Regional+1
Internet TLD: .ru
Calling code: +31
Organizations: German-Russian Pact, Pact of Steel, Asian Union
Borders: Japan, UN, Persia, Reichskommissariat Ostland, Tibet

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