Russian Democratic Republic
Русский Демократическая Республика
Timeline: Mondo de Scopatore
White Russian Flag Hammer and sickle red on transparent
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "March of the Volunteers"
Capital city Petrograd
Largest city Moscow
Language Russian
Religion None (State Atheism)
Government Single-Party Totalitarian Socialist Military Dictatorship
  legislature Supreme Soviet
Chairman Lavrentiy Beria
Premier Georgy Malenkov
Population 129,810,910 (1988 Census) 
The Russian Democratic Republic was a political entity that controlled the territories of the former Russian Empire after Tsar Vladimir's assassination, internal coup and the proclamation of the "Russian Way to Socialism" on June 10, 1973. 

The RDR came to an end after the 1988 Protests that saw a violent crackdown on protesters, leading to most of the military mutinying, and a short civil war ending with the opposition forces, lead by Vladimir Putin, the head of Russia's secret service, taking control of Petrograd and executing Beria and Malenkov.

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