Build up to Civil War.

After the Germans won at Marne and captured Paris, the Central Powers were able to launch a strong offensive to Russia, causing much damage to the Russian Empire. A year later in 1915 a peace treaty was signed between The Enete and the Central Powers. In 1916 many lost faith in the Russian Empire while some still had faith in it., with Communist, Republican, and Tsarist factions forming. In 1918 the factions were formally formed, with the Communists supporting a classless society in which the government controls the means of production, the Republicans supporting a Prime Minister and a more organized Duma, and the Tsarist faction which supports the traditional Russian Empire. Tensions rise between the three factions, until Russia explodes into Civil War.

Uprising of 1919

The Republican Faction creates their own party, the Whites, and quickly seizes control of the Duma and make peace with the Tsarists but are hostile toward the Reds, and ban them from politics and work. In Response, Red leader Vladimir Lenin inspires Communist Workers to rise up against the Whites, and Leon Trotsky leads the Red Army that seizes factories in Moscow and Petrograd. 

The Spread

Red Organizaton 

White Organization

Red Transition 

Battle Of Moscow

Treaty Of Moscow

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