Russian Civil War
Part of World War I
Date 7 November (25 October) 1917 – October 1922 (Pro-communist forces continue until at least 1925)
Location Russian Empire, Mongolia, Tuva, Persia
Result Disputed:
  • Victory of the White Movement in Russia and her dominions of Finland, Ukraine, Poland, and the Baltic states
  • Victory for Red Army in Central Asia, Tuva, and Mongolia
  • Restoration of the Russian Empire with Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia as the Tsar of all Russia
  • Exile of Vladimir Lenin
Flag of Russian SFSR (1918-1937) Russian SFSR

RPAU flag Revolutionary Insurrectionist Army of Ukraine
Red flag Left SR
Darker green and Black flag Green Armies

Flag of Russia White Movement
  • Kolchak (blason) Provisional All-Russian Government
  • Flag of Russia Armed Forces of South Russia
  • Flag of Russia Siberian Army
  • Flag of Russia Army of Komuch
  • Flag of Russia Members of the Constituent Assembly
  • Flag of siberia (horizontal) Autonomous Siberia
  • Flag of Don Cossacks Don Cossacks
  • Flag of Kuban People's Republic Kuban Cossacks
  • Flag of Finland Finland

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Pro-German armies Script error

Commanders and leaders
Flag of Russian SFSR (1918-1937) Vladimir Lenin
Flag of Russian SFSR (1918-1937) Leon Trotsky
Flag of Russian SFSR (1918-1937) Mikhail Tukhachevsky

RPAU flag Nestor Makhno

Flag of Russia Grand Duchess Xenia
Flag of Russia Alexander Kolchak
Flag of Russia Lavr Kornilov
Flag of Russia Anton Denikin
Flag of Russia Pyotr Wrangel
Flag of Russia Nikolai Yudenich
3,000,000 2,400,000 White Russians
Casualties and losses
1,212,824 casualties (records incomplete) At least 1,500,000