Russian Civil War
[[File:Russian Civil War Map 1920 (A Cautious Decision)|frameless|Situation map of Europe 1920]]
Situation map of Europe 1920
Date December 25, 1918 - August 20, 1924
(Guerrilla war until 1940)
(Terrorist operations continuing today)
Place Russian Empire
Result Allied victory;
Dissolution of the Social Revolutionary Movement
Flag of Russia Russian Empire
Intervention Council:
Flag of the United Kingdom British Empire
Flag of France France
Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Italy
585px-Hellenic Kingdom Flag 1935 svg Greece
Red flag Social Revolutionary Movement
Flag of Russia 4,000,000
Intervention Council 400,000
Red flag 1,700,000
Casualties and losses
At least 945,000 1,150,000

The Russian Civil War was a military conflict fought between December 25, 1918 and August 20, 1924, and was the result of continued tensions between the Socialist/Communist parties in Russia and the Imperial Russian Government.

Originally planned for the July of 1917, Communist revolutionaries had grown in number throughout the World War as a result of mass starvation of the working class and the conscription of the Russian people. However, the originally plan was aborted after the Russian victories in early 1917, and the end of the war in December that same year.

However, after the initial reinvigoration of national pride, starvation returned in the winter of 1918 as a major issue, and the newly formed Social Revolutionary Movement found an avenue for government revolution. Huge "peasant armies" were formed by the movement throughout the rest of the year before the attempted coup of many major Russian cities.

The revolution failed, with the only major holdings those at Helsinki and Moscow, and the Russian government exploited this weakness, and launched a major counter-attack weeks after the first attacks. The huge frontier between the armies caused the civil war to continue for years after 1918, only ending in 1924 with the capture of Moscow by Russian and international troops.

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