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Lincoln gives in and accept the proposal but adds in: He'll only give Russia the Idaho and Montana territories when the war is over, Alexander accepts and declares war on the Confederate States of America and Great Britain. In response Britain blocks off all trade to Russia and kills anyone that they suspect is a Russian spy.

By now Vicksburg, the last Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi River, surrenders to Gen. Grant with the Army of the West, and oncoming Russian troops after a six week siege. With the Union now in control of the Mississippi, the Confederacy is effectively split in two, cut off from its western allies. And with Russia entering war English parliament begs Queen Victoria to give up the war effort and to pull back their forces, but Victoria doesn't listen and instead launches a full scale war on Russia.

China hears word of this and declares war on England and launches an full scale invasion of Britain. Parliament begs again for Queen Victoria to give up the war effort but once again she doesn't listen. This was the last straw, parliament decides that if she doesn't want to stop the war effort then they'll do it for her.

So what do they do?

Created by Scotty Gaither