Timeline: Von Schlieffen plan

February 14 1915
Eastern front

After a relative calm due to bad weather the battle flares up along the whole front line.

February 15 1915
Eastern front

Russian lines are shattered in several places and the tsar assumes command of the Russian army. He has to order a general retreat.

February 19 1915

The British fleet bombards Turkish artillery positions in the Dardanelles in support of the Russians.

February 21 1915
Eastern front

All Russian armies make a fighting retreat.

February 28 1915

The Tsar orders his generals to hold their ground in front of Minsk. The Russians start digging in and trench warfare starts.

March 14 1915

General Ludendorf opens the battle of Minsk with an artillery barrage that will last three days.

March 17 1915

Russian forces break at Minsk. The retreat becomes an unstoppable rout. German cavalry cuts off the retreat and soon whole armies are surrounded.

March 18 1915

In support of the Russians the British Grand Fleet tries to force its way through the Dardanelles. The hope is to open a supply line to the Black Sea. The effort is unsuccessful. Three battleships are sunk by mines.

March 22 1915

Minsk is taken by the Germans. 500,000 Russians become prisoners of war. There are no more significant Russian forces between Minsk and Moscow.

March 23 1915

The Baltic city of Riga falls to the German forces. St. Petersburg is now threatened.

April 4 1915

Odessa on the Black Sea falls to Austrian-Hungarian armies supported by some German divisions.

April 14 1915
Eastern front

The tsar recognizes that the Germans can't be stopped and calls for an armistice. Fighting on the Eastern front ends at 11:00.

April 15 1915

Rumania enters war

Rumanians enter war on side of Central Powers

April 16 1915
Eastern front

Peace negotiations between Germany and Russia are opened in Brest-Litovsk.

April 25 1915
Eastern front

The Tsar refuses extravagant German territorial demands. The new proposed border between Germany and Russia would run from Riga to Rostov, adding one million sq km to Germany. negotiations are broken off.

April 28 1915
Eastern front

German troops advance far into Russia without meeting resistance.

May 14 1915
Eastern front

The Tsar accepts German demands. German troops have in any case reached the new proposed borders. A peace treaty is signed in Brest-Litovk. Only Great Britain is now at war with Germany and the central powers.

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