Russian Union
Союз России
Soyuz Rossii

Timeline: This is the Dream
Romanov Flag Russian Coat of Arms (This is the Dream)
Flag Emblem
Location of Russia (This is the Dream)
Location of Russia
Anthem "Zemlya Russkikh"
Capital Moscow (official)
Saint Petersburg (historical)
  others 15 Regional Languages
Christianity (OrthodoxCatholic)
  others Islam (SunniShiite)Slavic NeopaganismBuddhismOther
Ethnic Groups
79.7% Russian
  others 5.5% Kazakh
3.3% Tatar
1.1% Bashkir
0.8% Ukrainian
9.6% Other
Demonym Russian
Government Federal single-party
presidential republic
  legislature State Duma
President Leonid Solomatin (PSS)
Chairman of the State Duma Vladimir Shershunov (PSS)
Speaker of the State Duma Dmitry Aushev (PSS)
19,835,142 km²
  water (%) 12.4%
Population 162,792,425 (2014 census) 
Established Kievan Rus'
Grand Duchy of Moscow
Tsardom of Russia
(January 16, 1547)
Russian Empire
(October 22, 1721)
Russian SFSR
(November 6, 1917)
Russian Union
(September 21, 1995)
Adoption of the Basic Law
(February 13, 1996)
Currency Russian Ruble (₽) (RUB)
Time Zone (UTC+2 to +12)
  summer (UTC+3 to +13)
Calling Code +7
Internet TLD .ru
Organizations ERUUN
Russia, officially the Russian Union (Russian: Союз России, Soyuz Rossii) is a sovereign state in northern Eurasia. At 19,835,142 square kilometres (7,658,391 sq mi), Russia is the largest country in the world, covering more than one-eighth of the Earth's inhabited land area. It is a federal presidential republic under a single-party system. With a population of over 162 million people, Russia is the world's ninth most populous country.

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