Российская Федерация
Russian Federation
Timeline: Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power
Moscova flag Russian coa 1730
Flag Coat of Arms
Russia location (SM 3rd Power)
Location in Pink
(and largest city)
Moscow & Kiev
Language Russian, Ukrainian, Belarus, Romanian, Armenian
Government Federal semi-presidential republic
President Vladimir Putin
Currency Russian Ruble

Russian Federation is a nation in Europe.


Flag of Russia (neon)

The civil flag of Russia

Russia was on a long road to becoming a world power, and soon they took Finland from Sweden in 1721 following the Northern War. Then in 1799, Russia started to colonise Takamatsu and set up Alaska colony. However, their dream started to shatter a bit after the Finnish had rebelled in 1860, and soon Finland declared independence in 1861. The Russians tried to take it back in the Second Northern War (1865-1868), but was beaten by Denmark-Norway, Japan, and Korea. Soon conflicts arose with Japan, soon leading to the Japanese-Russian War from 1904 to 1908. Russia had then lost that war and lost parts of its land to Japan. Russia had also joined the Centre Powers and was at war against the allies in 1914-1918 (First World War), which they lost and also lost more land (to Finland and Japan). Then, a revolution happened in 1921, with Lenin taking power and Russia became the Soviet Union. Soon, they joined the allies in the Second World War this time, and after the war managed to set up a communist puppet government in Austria-Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Prussia, Hannover, North-East France and established the Warsaw Pact and the Cold War began. However in 1948 Tatarstan declared independence with the help of the Republic of China though the Chinese had to guard Tatarstan to be sure the Soviets wouldn't invade it. In 1955, Soviet Union got involved with the Vietnam War supplying the communists, and it lasted until 1965, in which the communists lost and the Soviet Union backed off. Then in 1985, the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Bloc collapsed, turning into Russia and become a democracy and the Cold War ends. Today Russia is a Middle Power, and will have an extremely long way to go. Soon, in 2009 Russia decided to join the European Union.

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