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Formally The Grand Free Republic of Russia, it is the largest country in the world by land area, and one of the largest by population. It covers all of Northern Asia, and the eastern forty percent of Europe. The 1905 revolution was less successful than in OTL, thereby leading to only a slightly socialised government system, in which the President and his council members regulate the country, though, from a more back-seat perspective. Without communism weighing it down, Russia's power increased, and soon it was a nigh-unmatched superpower. Russia has vast amounts of resources, namely oil, food, energy, and fresh water, which makes its economy thrive. People in Russia are generally well-educated, due to free education. Russia has a comparatively small army compared to OTL, because there are few nations who would dare challenge it. It does, however, have a rather large reserve army, and an advanced police force which keeps crime rates very low. It is also one of the few (If any others have) countries to achieve space flight, and have constructed a large space station able to house up to twenty people for eighteen months.

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