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the Russian Imperial Kingdom
Русской Императорской Королевство
Timeline: Reign of Roosevelt

OTL equivalent: Russia
New Flag of Russia Lesser Coat of Arms of Russian Empire
Flag Coat of Arms
Russia in Europe and Asia

С нами Бог (Russia)
("God is With Us")

Anthem "God Save Us All"
Capital Moscow
Largest city Moscow
Other cities Alexeigrad, Tsaritsyn, Vladivostok, Omsk
  others English, Chinese, Japanese, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Arabic, others
Eastern Orthodox
  others Catholic, Protestant
Ethnic Groups
Russian Whites
  others Chinese, Japanese, Finnish, Swedish, Mongols, Iranians, Afghans, Arabian, Germans, Italians, Romanians, Alaskan, others
Demonym Russian
Tsar Nicholas III
  Royal house: Romanov
Premier Joseph Stalin
The Kingdom of Russia is a nation fighting in World War II in the Reign of Roosevelt timeline and the country with the most land area. Its current Tsar is Nicholas III, who has ascended upon the natural death of his father Alexander IV. Russia has been at War longer than any other nation except China, having started early in 1937 with the outbreak of the Second Russo-Japanese War after the 1936 Vladivostok Bombings by Japan.

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