Confederation of the all Russia
конфедерация Вся Россия
Timeline: French Brazil

OTL equivalent: USSR and Mongolia
Flag of Commander-in-chief of Russia Herb Moskovia-2 (Alex K)
Flag Seal
Location of Russia

Навсегда Организации Объединенных! (Russian)
("United Forever!")

Anthem "National Anthem of All Russias"
Capital Moscow
Largest city St. Petersburg
  others Several languages of minor republics
Russian Orthodox
  others Budhism, Protestantism, Atheism
Demonym Russian
Government Democratic Constitutional Parlamentary Semi-Presidential Republic
  legislature Duma
President of all Russias Vladimir Putin
  Party: United Russia
Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev
Established Dissolution of the Russian Empire and formation of the Soviet Union - 1917

Dissolution of Soviet Union and Confederacy formation - 1945

Currency Russian Ruble
Organizations United Nations
The Confederacy of All Russia is a country over the former USSR, trying to become a potency over the former colonized countries, to fight the Europe and America. 

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