Russia was a nation that existed between the late 15th century to 1916. The nation that came out of it, the United Communist States, didn't last nearly as long, for it only existed for a decade. Russian involvement in the Great War is what many historians considered the nation's biggest, and last, mistake. It was a fatal mistake, as Russia soon collapsed into civil war.

The Great War

Russia honored their commitment to Serbia, and soon invaded Austria-Hungary. However, the Austro-Hungarians could surprisingly fight extremely well, and put up a good defense against the Russian invasion. The Russians were quickly driven out of the nation with high casualties by 1915. The Central Powers soon launched a three front war against the Russians, one front in Poland, one in Western Russian, and one in Caucasus. The Russians were unable to stop all three advances, and soon many sources of supplies were either captured by the advancing enemy armies, or went to the war effort. This led to the price of many civilian goods skyrocketing. When most people couldn't pay for simple things such as bread, this led to revolution among the working classes, and ended the Eastern Front. A provisional government was soon established, and promised to continue the fight. They issued many attack plans and invasion ideas, but none could take place as there was little army left and no supplies available. The October Revolution took place, and the new provisional government was overthrown as well. This ended the Russian state, and the world's first Communist state was established, the UCS. The new state gave up a large amount of land to Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire. This gave them the resources they needed to win the war, and ended the Great War, and Russia.

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