Timeline: The Arrow that Missed

OTL equivalent: most of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Ruscia (The Arrow That Missed)
Capital Riga
Largest city Tallinn
Other cities Lasnamåe, Kaunas, Vilinas, Ogre, several others.
Religion Eastern Orthodox Christianity
Government Autocracy
Supreme Guide Ivan Barisnykov
Population 30 million 

The Dominion of Ruscia is a nation in North Europe. It is an absolute dictatorship, though it was once a monarchy.

Though its historical capital was Kiev, after the dissolution of the Monarchy the Duchy of Belarus seceded, with Ukraine.


Early History

Mongol Invasion and Unification

Reign of the Tsars: 1346- 1734

Muscovite Rebellion and Collapse of the Tsardom




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