Dominion of Rupert's Land
Timeline: Qu'il Tous

OTL equivalent: Northern BC, most of the Canadian Territories, and the Hudson Bay Drainage Basin
V259 20080019 flag PF1963 (EEM)rupertslandcoa
Flag Coat of Arms
In the yellow
Capital Fort Garry
Largest city Fort Edmonton
Other cities Fort Carlton, Fort Chipewyan, Fort Churchill, Fort Selkirk, Prince Rupert, York Factory
Language English, Native Languages
Demonym Rupertslander
Monarch Elizabeth II
Governor Gordon Barnhart
Prime Minister Vic Toews
Established July 15, 1870
Currency Rupertsland Pound

The Dominion of Rupert's Land, usually referred to as simply Rupertsland, is a constitutional monarchy located in North America, that borders the United States of America to its south, usually referred to as the United States, and the Tsardom of Alaska, usually referred to as Alaska, to its northwest.

It has its roots in the Hudson's Bay Company, which was allowed to keep its mandated territory after the British loss in the First European War. Eventually, the company allowed settlement in its fur-trading territories, due to both government pressure and a decline in the fur trade. Years later, the Company sold off many of its rights to the colonists and the Crown, but even today they own most crown corporations to some degree, as well as large tracts of land. Their influence is also obvious in many names and practices in the country, and they continue to hold some say in the nomination of the Governor even today. The HBC is still the largest company in the nation, and one of the largest in the world, even today.


Politics and Government


Rupertsland is divided into seven provinces, with the capital city, Fort Garry, being inside of the province of Assinaboia. These Provinces are:

  • Assinaboia - capital Fort Carlton
  • Alberta - capital Fort Edmonton
  • Dene - capital Fort Chipewyan
  • Hudson - capital York Factory
  • Nunavut - capital Fort Churchill
  • Rupert - capital Prince Rupert
  • Yukon - capital Fort Selkirk


International Relations

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