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You struggle to get up and run as fast as you can. The Nazis notice and chase after you, firing at you. The dense forest prevents any of them from hitting you. Your shoulder is killing you, but you know your life is on the line. Eventually, you lose them and make it to a small town.

You realize you're in Germany. You check yourself into a nearby hospital. When they ask what happened, you tell them. Within a month, they've found the men that shot you. Many of them, along with their leader, Joseph Göbbels, are executed. However, you yourself are not innocent. It is soon revealed that you were the one that killed Hitler.

You are tried and found guilty. On July 3, 1927, at 8:00 AM, you're killed via guillotine. But something good does happen out of it. With many of their high-ranking members dead or imprisoned, the Nazi Party begins to fall apart. With the resignation of Himmler later that year, the Nazis enter a power struggle. In the 1930 federal elections, the Nazis lose many of their seats, with many joining the German National People's Party instead.

However, only one party can reach the majority. Which one is it?

Doctor Evulz (talk) 02:09, December 30, 2012 (UTC)

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