These are the rule of the popular map game, Axis vs Allies Revised.

General Gameplay

General Rules

  • Every user may choose one nation and one nation only.
  • Please be plausible in this map game. I have seen so many other map games fail due to implausibility, rapid expansion, and hyperdevelopment. My goal for this game is to finish it, then make a TL based off of it.
  • The technology for this game may only be 20 years advanced more advanced than OTL. Final. There will be no time travel, not teleportation, etc.
  • The rate of the map game is that one day is a half-year, no more. Also, people may start posting by 00:00:01 UTC. See here for a UTC clock. If I have posted, it is okay to post.
  • Please make a nation profile on the Diplomacy Page. All Diplomacy will take place there, not in the map game itself.
  • You may start as an occupied nation/colony, and declare independence.
  • If you have any questions, ask on the talk page.
  • Maps must be posted at least every 3 turns. They also must be saved as a .png format. Any jpeg. bnp, etc, will not be accepted. Bad quality maps will be deleted immediately.
  • Alliances are allowed, but no unrealistic ganging up on nations.
  • If a nation goes inactive, not posting for 1 week, a notice wil be sent to the person and the nation will be put up for other people.
  • Profile pages are recommended, for the future TL.
  • It is never too late to join.

United Nations

Security Council

United Nations Resolutions will go as follows- all four permanent members of the Security Council has veto power, and all members (including un-permanent) can vote on resolutions. However, with a veto, the vote is null and void.

International Court of Justice

In the International Court of Justice, there will be cases of Nation A vs. Nation B, in cases such as in OTL 1984 Nicaragua vs. United States for international issues.


Moderators are special people who have been appointed by me to "govern" this map game. They may cause political unrest, or natural disasters. However, if you write that a meteorite kills FDR, you will be kicked out of Moderator position. They also have the power to ban people from the game for limited amounts of time.

Moderator Abilities

  • Anyone may comment on an implausible post, but only a vote of the moderators may delete it.
  • They can request other people to join the moderator group.
  • Political unrest and natural disasters will be allowed by moderators. They may also use natural diasters to punish implausible nations.
  • They may be impeached!! If anyone thinks they are not worthy enough, they can be forced to leave.

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