• Each turn is counts as an i. We'll start at negative -100t and consent among players to continue playing every 50t.
  • Each day is a turn. Each day starts at 22 UTC.
  • Play fair.
  • Mods may make events for the game to be more realistic. And settle disputes between players. It is, however, better that they do it themselves.
  • Mods may be revoked by a majority consensus.

Creating a Tribe

  • You must make a page to your nation, and list it under PC. Things you must include are:
    • Name of Tribe
    • Language Spoken
    • Gov't sponsored deities
    • Main Deity worshiped
    • Secondary deities (monotheism unlocked later)
    • Tertiary Deities (monotheism unlocked later)
    • Gov't type
    • Some society facts (what people do on their off time, what are the role of women, et cetera)
    • Some History (major conflicts, major gov't changes, et cetera)


Each tribe must worship at the minimum, three gods/goddesses. A reason for conflict is if someone doesn't believe in your deity. If such as conflict is won, you may force the tribe to believe in that one. That will explained in more detail later.


As for keeping thing in track, each tribe will have a specific co-ordinate on a grid. Each point will have certain privileges and disadvantages. The first number is west to east, the second one is from north to south. (x, y) Some rules to keep in mind about each coordinate:

  • x goes from -20 to 20
  • y goes from -20 to 20,
  • If you add the two numbers together, and it is divisible by 2, its a plane.
  • If you add the numbers, and it is divisible by 3, its a hill.
  • If you can divide it by both 3 and 4, it is a mountain.
  • If you can divide it by 5, its a desert. This can co-exist with the previous.
  • If it is a prime number, it is a lake.

Choose wisely. You may get different resources depending on where you settle.


When starting off, each tribe has a population of 50.


You can use a turn to increase your population by 5%, rounding up no matter what. If you don't, your population will grow by +2. (Until decided higher by the mods). It take 20 turns to change the level of reproductivity or sexuality.


  • Very Liberal +3 a turn
  • Liberal (+1)
  • Not Liberal (0)


  • Stage 1: (+4)
  • Stage 2: (+2)
  • Stage 3: (+1)
  • Stage 4: (+0)

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