Here are the official rules for the Steam Age. Please read through the article to look for what you need, but if you can't find what you want then contact a mod. Saturn (Talk) 06:17, June 16, 2014 (UTC)

Each Turn

Every turn, which represents one year, get a certain amounts of points worth actions to spend. The amount of points depend on a countries power status. There are 3 power statuses in the Steam Age; Major Power, Minor Power, and Other Nations here is a list of the current Major and Minor Powers.

Major Powers, 5 points:
Minor Powers, 4 points:

Points do not carry over (ie, if you spend 1 point one year, you do not get 4 the next year). Here is the weight of various activities you can write about:

  • Counter an economic recession: 12 points (4 years of only economic recovery)
  • Initiate a war: 3 points (must be in all in 1 year)
  • Launch an offensive: 2 points (can be in 2 consecutive years for a winter campaign -- see Algo)
  • Defend your nation: 2 points
  • Develop economy: 3 points (increases development score by 0.25 points)
  • Develop military: 3 points (increases development score by 0.25 points)
  • Develop infrastructure: 3 points (increases development score by 0.25 points)

Colonization and Expansion

Additionally, you can colonize or expand using some, or all, of you points.

  • Expand a colony: 0.5 points (amount of expansion TBD)
  • Expand your base nation: 1 point
  • Establish a colony: 6 points (must be consecutive years)
  • Declare war on a native people/nation: 1.5 points
  • Launch a colonial offensive: 1 point
  • Stop a colonial rebellion: 3-5 points (depending on the size of the colony) (by not doing this, the colony may declare independence)


Since the old algo was a complete copy of the famous Prinicipa Moderini series, I'm using an algorithm that Reximus has made for me. This algo will be tested but if you have another algorithm you think that is more accurate than this one. Please contact the mods then they will sort it out. Saturn (Talk) 06:01, June 16, 2014 (UTC)


  • At the Front: 10
  • Next to the Front: 8
  • Slightly removed from the Front: 6
  • Distant from the Front: 2
  • Across a major Sea from the Front: 0

Tactical Advantages


  • Infrastructure over 1: 1
  • Infrastructure over 2: 3
  • Infrastructure over 5: 6
  • Defensive line along Front: 4


  • Great General (from Mod Events): 8
  • Superior Tactics (must be approved): 4

Relative Strength

Note: The size of the economy/military does not necessarily correlate directly to which nation has a larger economy/military.

  • Larger Economy: 2
  • Larger Military: 2
  • Much Larger Economy: 4
  • Much Larger Military: 4


Internal Support

  • Non-democratic government supported by people: 4
  • Democratic government supported by people: 5
  • Government not supported by people: -10
  • War not supported by people (democratic) : -3
  • War not supported by people (non-democratic): -2

External Support

  • Colonial Support: 1 (multiply this by the one-fourth of the number of colonies you have, but a minimum of 1)
  • Allied Support: 2 (multiply this by one-half the number of supporting allies you have, but a minimum of 2)
  • Enemy-of-my-Enemy Support: 4
  • Coalition Support: 6


  • Larger Population by 2x or less: 1
  • Larger Population by 2x-5x: 5
  • Larger Population by 5x-10x: 8
  • Larger Population by 10x+: 10

Recent Conflicts

  • Recent War (within past decade): -1 for each year

National Tradition

This score factors in your nation's age, the tradition of military greatness, and other factors. For example, in a largely naval war Great Britain would have an advantage, while Prussia would have an advantage in a cavalry sense. This part of the algo varies on a case by case basis, so leave it empty and a mod will edit it, if applicable.

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