General Rules

  • The Algo will be handled by the Mods and no one else and unless you can show proof that it is biased it is unquestionable.
  • The Great Powers and other major nations are playable only for either mods or players with over 2000 edits or who have proven good map game contributors.
  • To join you need more the 1000 edits to your account and more then seven months on the wiki, or you must have been approved by the mods.
  • Poor behavior, racism, insulting or negative attitudes will not be tolerated, the first offence will receive a warning while the second offence will lead to a two-day ban and the third a permanent ban from the game and a heads up to the site administration.
  • All mod events are absolute unless you can provide evidence that they are biased or a product of personal aggravation to your particular nation. 
  • The game will advance in each day being a season during a world war while it will advance by half years during interbellum or post war eras.
  • Implausibility will not be overlooked and after three strikes you will be banned from that nation if you are banned from two nations you will be evicted from the game permanently.
  • It is one nation per person. Any suspected sockpuppeting will lead to outright banning and a heads up for administration.
  • You may play as a colony.
  • You can fund rebel groups in other countries. However, only the groups backed by major power can have large scale effects.
  • Industrialization is a process. If you put effort towards it you can be industrialized within a certain time frame determined by the mods but it will not happen in one year's time. 
  • No nuke tech before 1940s though nuke research can begin after 1936, and no nuclear weapons until 1944.
  • All who are active players in Croaked World may not join at the present. This is to avoid issues.

Multiple States

Personal Unions

  • Act as if direct part of your nation.

Client States

  • Client states are militarily, politically, and economically subordinate to your nation. They are allied to your state, and follow your state's policies.
  • They can be established through warfare or through diplomatic means (ie: Influence).
  • To establish a client state through diplomacy, you must be a substantially greater power to that nation you're attempting to subordinate to yourself.
  • You can create a client state in occupied territory during times of war. However, if there is a national government that existed prior to your occupation, they will become a rival government in exile if supported by a foreign power.
  • The only way to gain complete control of the region/state, if you can get the foreign power to recognize the client state as the legitimate government. (Making them sign a treaty).


More to be added later. Flag of RomaniaToţi în unu; Nihil Sine DeoFlag of Romania

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