Basically there are:


  1. In Algorithms, if you attack or defend yourself from Croaks, you have to add a 20 score for them. 
  2. When increasing scores, only 0.25 every year.
  3. You can give/trade scores but only maximum 0.1.
  4. Do not swear and be plausible!
  5. You cannot attack other countries. After two invasions, you must rest.  If you do, you have to minus 2 economy score for every other attack you had! This is because your country has wasted a lot of money on wars (starting now in 1802).
  6. Only Croaks can have three invasions in a year.

The minor rules are: 

  1. Everyone can have a maximum of one country
  2. Do not make yourself creator, mod, mapmaker ... without my permission.
  3. Ask me questions mostly on my talk page - not on the wiki game.
  4. Must do algo when attacking other countries.
  5. I will give you a warning if you do disobey the rules.
  6. Croaks times their colonial score by 20 starting from 1814.
  7. If you get four warnings, you will be banned from the game.
  8. NO UNITING WITH MORE THAN ONE COUNTRY! Countries not played by people can unite, judged by the creator and mods. United countries can not unite with another united country! (Starting 1820)  USS IS THE EXCEPTION!!! Because Captain John Rex is a god damn loser and is scared of losing. 
  9. Colonial score counts as the land you gain when you win a war. It counts as the land you gain after a war. Basically, even when the land you gain is connected with another of your colonies, it counts as 2 colonial score. Cutting many board lines is not allowed. So don't cut hundreds of board lines in your country and say you have 300 colonial score. NOT ALLOWED!!!
  10. No going back history to write what your country did. For example, if its 1900, you can't go back to 1889 to change or add your county's info, nor your scores. This rule starts from 1822.
  11. No complaints, this is especially to PC, starting from 1826 when CJR informed because Captain John Rex is very selfish and doesn't care about other people.
  12. If you disagree, then no one cares because Captain John Rex said so. His instructions are that if you disagree than go eat shit and see if you do.

Funny, you can't just make all these rules without everyone's judgment. Why always you and only you? Never other people, haven't you ever thought of that? No complaints - especially me, no complaints, no one else's thoughts matter - only yours. If you don't agree go eat shit and see if you do. Is that what you telling me? I say things that I think are fair. And you do, too. Everyone has a say, everyone gets a part in these discussions. Why only you - why only you counts? According to history, rules are made when everyone agrees - ain't that right? Furthermore, I must say WOW, you added so many rules, why? It's too clear now, you're losing and you know it. You don't want to quickly make rules to stop more people from winning. You aren't even going to tell anyone. Why always you? You change the rules to fit yourself. No one will unite with you so you change the rules to make them more in your favour. The rules should, to be fair, be everyone's judgment. Everyone should get a ? chance to improve it and agree or disagree. That's fair.-Pacific communist (talk)

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