Them's the Rules. Follow them, or else.

The Basic Commandments

  1. Plausibility is a MUST.
  2. France, UK, US, Russia, and China will all be played by mods.
  3. One player, one nation.
  4. You may NOT edit previous turns.
  5. Nukes will be mod-regulated. No, your tiny country in South America will not get nukes. TOO BAD.
  6. Alliances, unions, vassals, all allowed.
  7. Flags and Names only change after either change of Government or change of territory (eg, Finland calls itself Scandinavia after conquering the region)
  8. Mods will do the algos.
  9. Mod events will favour the weaker side in the NATO vs WP thing.
  10. You will not play as a colony.
  11. You get three strikes. 


Each turn will be one-half a year. 

Each turn can only be started by a mod.

During each turn, you may perform 1.5 actions.

1 action is either the declaration of war, the fighting of a war, expansion, a nuclear or space program being put into effect, or a change of Government.

0.75 of an action is the maintenance and expansion of infrastructure, the economy or the military, or the sending of military aid for a war.

0.5 of an action is diplomacy with another player nation, expansion of culture, exploration or the sending of supplies for a war.


You may vassalize any nation, NPC or not, by dominating it either culturally, militarily, or economically. Depending on the nation, you will have to wage war to vassalize it.

You may also enter into unions with other nations.


  • There will be a maximum of seven mods and a minimum of five.
  • Only mods may cross or uncross posts.
  • Any mod may post mod events.
  • Only mods may do the algorithm. Disregarding this rule will lead to a ban!
  • However, Mods associated with the war at question will not perform an algo, unless no other mod is able to.
  • An appointed mod will be responsible for the map.
  • Mods must prove themselves to be plausible editors.
  • Mods must have at least 2500 edits on this wiki.
  • Must be active, inactive mods can be removed.
  • Any mod may suggest the banning of a player.


Any nation may declare war on any other nation. However, the war MAY NOT BE RETCONNED, unless the mods deem it implausible.

In civil wars where one player controls both sides, or in NPC- NPC wars, algos need not be used.

If you use a vassal to launch a war, an algo will still be done. 



  • At location of war: +5
  • Next to location of war: +4
  • Close to location of war: +3
  • Far from war: +2
  • Other side of globe: +1

Tactical Advantage

  • Attacker's advantage: +1
  • Casus Belli (if there is one, +1 attacker, if not +1 defender)
  • High Ground: +2 (refers to the side with the higher border)


  • Leader (L): +10
  • Military Aid (M): +7
  • Supplies (S): +(4)
  • Cultural Support (C): + 2 (Vassals may not provide cultural support)
  • Vassal (V): -2
  • Withdrawal (W): -3


  • Military: +3 for every year in the past 10 years used for military development.
  • Economy: +2 for every year in the past 20 years used for economic development
  • Infrastructure: (defender only) +2 for every year used to develop infrastructure in the past 15 years.
  • Cultural: (attacker only) +2 for every year used to develop culture in past ten years.

Expansion and Wars

  • Expansion: -1 for every year in the past 15 used for non-military expansion.
  • Past Wars: -2x years spent in war over the past 15 years (so if you spent seven of the last 15 years in war, you get -14)

NPC Bonus

  • NPCs get +5 if being attacked


  • Last digit of each beligerent's edit count. If one nation is an NPC, then the tens digit of the edit count will be used for the NPC.


  • +Number of digits in population, and
  • +2 if you have the larger population
  • +5 if one side has 2x population
  • +10 if you have 5x population
  • +20 is you have 10x population


The equation for gains from war algorithms is (p)*(1-1/(2x)), where x is the number of the years the war goes on and p is the amount of territory determined by the algorithm ((y/(z+y))*2)-1 where y is the winner's score and z is the losers). So if your war lasts one year, you only get 50% of the territory, but if you let the war last five years, you get 90% of the territory. The minimum amount of territory you can win from an algorithm is 1%, otherwise it is a percentage of the loser's territories to two decimal places e.g. 13.69% not 13.69242%.

A great calculator for this is you just copy and paste the equations into the box and replace the letters with the numbers for that specific war. And then you just copy the answer to the main page. Or folks, just use Google. Their automatic calculator is a great aid in working out all this.

If you can take more than 33.3% of their territory, their government collapses and you may do as you wish with them.

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