This is the Rules page for Romae Delenda Est


These are the rules to Romae Delenda Est. Follow them to have a great and enjoyable time playing this Map Game.

  • The main goal of these rules is to keep the game realistic. Keep everything plausible. (i.e. Can't take the world in ten turns)
  • Remember, this is a time when not every nation knew each other, therefore, Arvenii cannot be allied with American tribes in 200 B.C.
  • A turn is a half-year. Each turn is composed of one action, which can be militaristic, diplomatic, etc.
  • Turns begin at 6pm EST. Do not edit past turns two or more hours after a new turn is posted without mod permission
  • One Turn per day
  • Colonalization will not take place until 1300-1490 A.D.
  • Exploration (or any sort of sea travel) takes one turn.
  • There is no fast Traveling unless major roads are developed or motorized vehicles. (i.e. Carthage cannot have an army march from Carthago Nova to Karelia in one turn, or Rome cannot have an army march from Rome to Old Prussia)
  • You can move armies and soldiers through other peoples lands, but beware, some may not like it.
  • Any land which is conquered has inhabitants, and they must be dealt with.
  • Keep in mind the linguistic effects of conquering and colonizing.
  • Every person must do an action every year, and only one action..
  • Every five turns, a map is to be made. A moderator marked as Mapmaker will edit the map.
  • Every map must be saved as a .png on the current map template.
  • Each player will "call" a nation, one nation per player.
  • The moderators of this game have the power to grant and regulate technology for every nation, as well as regulate plausibility. They also have the right to create random yet plausible and fair events in any and every nation throughout the course of the game.
  • Actions like espionage are allowed but must follow the rules of plausibility
  • Alliances and dynastic unions are allowed, as is bargaining to achieve these.
  • If a nation is inactive (does not respond for more than a week without warning), it is considered in civil disorder and thus fair game for conquering without reprisal from players. However, resistance is stronger than if it were normally conquered.
  • There can be supernational confederations (e.g. the Holy Roman Empire, the Kalmar Union), and they function like alliances. They can be broken (e.g. the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire) and they can be formed (e.g. the unification of Spain)
  • You can hire raiders/pirates and make them raid any nation's ship, but this greatly reduces that country's relationship with your nation.
  • The game ends in the present.
  • Profile pages for your country are recommended. 
  • If you are new, you start the game in the turn you joined.
  • No editing past turns beyond the immediate. No editing any past turns to contradict events which have already happened.
  • Not everyone can have an industrialized, liberal, stable, peaceful nation, nor will liberal, stable, and peace last forever for everyone, including the mods.
  • Unless your nation has been destroyed in a war or vassalized as a result of war(see the mods for the last one), you may not switch nations.
  • You may only increase military or economy scores once per turn, not both in one turn.
  • The Nation tiers decribe how your nation operated and worked at the time and require quite a bit of time to advance
  • You can not advance a tier in ten years. It takes a while, except in potential special cases that the mods will determine. (No, we mods will not make ourselves special cases, rest assured).
  • Certain conditions can cause your nation to advance faster along the path such as trade with a nation of a higher tier for those kinds of technology.
  • Referring to Trade, Technological advancement through trade can only happen if a nation is actively helping them learn or is selling them these technologies (Such as the Romans teaching some British tribes how to make iron/bronze weapons)
  • Tier Advancement will be done through the Applications Page.
  • Tier Ideals serve only to be a basic and generalized guide to how to conduct your nation, not a full descriptive and definitive statement on how you can run your nation. It also serves to add algo bonuses and change up playstyles.
  • Vassalization will not go "Turn One of X", because that is simply not plausible. Peaceful vassalizations come about from increased relations, trade, alliances, common ideals, etc, and are harder to achieve than "Turn One of X of influence".
  • Alliances between players and players, and players and NPCs will not happen willy-nilly to form metagoals or meta alliances. Alliances form from good relations, peaceful relations, common goals, common cultures, and common societies.
  • Expansion into uncivilized lands will go like this:
    • One turn will be used for exploring land around your nation.
    • The next turn will be used for exanding into the land around your nation.
    • You cannot expand twice in two turns, but you may explore twice.
    • You can do this every other turn, such as:
      • Explore-Expand-Wait-Explore-Explore-Wait-Expand-Explore

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