Basic Rules

  • Everything must be plausible.
  • Play, fair, accpet the consequences.
  • Your imagination is the limit.
  • One turn a year.
  • One year a day startic at UTC midnight.
  • Players may only edit the last turn, if they have not already.
  • The game starts at A.C.E.
  • Game starts March 3, 2012.
  • Map must be updated every five years.


Every nation researches technology to get boost. Every nation gets one research point for every turn spent on research, and technology may be bought and sold however the users wish. To work on a tech one must post: X (nation's) scientists are (number of turns spent/number of turn required) through finishing Y tech).

Some Technologies are:

  • Polytheism
  • Monotheism
  • Atheism
  • Bronze
  • Steel
  • Iron
  • Gas
  • Cars
  • The telephone
  • etc.


Every player may spend a turn to work on their army or navy. A country may only have a navy ifit borders the sea. This is the algorythim for war.


Home- 5

Next to- 4

Away- 1

Army Strength

Add the stremgth of your army. Ex. Army strength(45) = +45

Navy Strength

If your navy is stronger than theirs, add +10. If the opposite is true, do the reciprocal.


Add a 1/4of your allies army strength per ally. Add half of ally's navy strength.

Casus Belli

Religious expansion- 5 (only works if you are the largest country of your religion)

Protecting Sovereignty-10

Humiliate/Cut down to size- 2

Expansion- 4


Bronze- 1

Iron- 1

Steel- 2

Arrows- 2

Monotheistic Home- 2

Polytheistic Home- 1

Herbal Medicine- 1

Modern Medicine- 3

Siege warfare- 3


Expansion takes seven turns. You may only expand into the province right next to you, unless you need to cross a strait, until 500 A.C.E. Then, you may expand into territories which are on the same body of water. (e.g Mediterranean). After 1000 A.C.E expansion is unlimited. Expansion must be posted as X expands X (north, south, east, west) (X/7).


Every five years, each player is rewarded with one IWC (International World Currency) for each province he has. Here are some modifiers in wealth:

  • archery= gain*1.1
  • farming= gain*1.2

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