These are the rules


1: there is a page with a table, put your country there as soon as you sign up

2 Mods can sign up as any of the eleven shown

America, China, U.K., France, Iran, Turkey, Germany, Israel, Japan, and Italy

3 No expanding too fast

4 No wars in the 1st turn

5 Nukes are allowed

6 Make it realistic (No conquering any nation in 1 turn)

7 choose your side

8 Make an alliance with one of the mods

9 mods can't sign up as countries other than the ones shown in rule 2

10 economy is based on morale (all start at 75%)

11 turns are .5 years

12 turns last 1 day

13 you can outlaw anything you want from existing in your country

14 the sides you can choose are Conservatism, Liberalism, Communism, Nazism, or Anarchism

15 in the end ALL nations will be United so make the war last as long as possible

16 for every country you declare war on, you lose 5% morale making Israel, Egypt, Japan, Russia, America, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, Mali, and the Central African Republic be put at 70 percent

17 if you lose, DON'T GET **** *** OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT


19 justify why you want war

20 Everybody starts with no nukes (everyone has to follow)

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