Included herein are the Rules of the Political Simulation Game.

General Rules

  • The purpose of the PSG is to create a realistic simulation of politics of the time era. It is not the advance your pet political causes, but rather to address the issues of the day and age we are simulating.
  • Each user may create a fictional Senate character. This character may not be a take-away from any politician, real or fictitious, and may not be a derivative work.
  • Plausibility is of the utmost importance. You are expected to comport yourself in a stately manner, and a scandal may arise if you fail to do so.
  • Congressional elections will be held every two years, with Presidential elections taking place every four years.
  • The PSG will be run by an Administrative Board, whose goal shall be to provide plausible events to be presented in the media and simulate elections.

Senate Rules

Election Rules

Presidential Elections

Congressional Elections

Media Rules

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