You only have 1 turn a year (UTC day). Use wisely. A battle counts as a turn for the attacker. I'm not a big stickler on plausibility, just don't make an event extremely implausible.

National Attributes

Linguistic Unity- 0%-100% How unified your country is.

Manageability- 0+ How manageable all your territories are.

Land Force Strength (LFS)- 0+ How strong your army is.

Sea Force Strength (SFS)- 0+ How strong your navy is.

Air Force Strength (AFS)- 0+ How strong your air force is. Only available after 1900

Militancy- 0+ How angry your people are. The higher the militancy, the more chance they will revolt.

Patriotism- 0%-100% How patriotic your people are in your country.

Industrialization- 0%-100% How industrialized your nation is.

Possible Turns

To save time, we have made the following abbreviations for turn moves. Of course, you may write whatever you like. Be creative.

Expansion- Tells moderators that your national borders move out. (may only be done if you are touching a gray territory)

Declare War- Declare war on another nation

Battle- Attack a city.

Sneak Attack- Attack without Declaring war.

Work on any of the national attributes- Up 1 point, or 1%


You must create a new page for the war. War is composed of Battles. Every battle that is won, the player who one gets +10% war score. If it is an ally, the war score goes to the Leader. If a country throws a revolution, the other side automatically wins the war. (100%)

To declare war, you must have one of the following reasons:

  • Conquer (100% war score)
  • Border war (need war score= however much territory you want from that nation)
  • Cut down to size (60% war score) Loser cannot work on any military operations for 20 years. Loser loses half of his/her military.
  • Contain (40% war score) Loser cannot work on military operations for 10 years.

Battle Algorithm


(Relative to the capital)

  • At the capital (+5)
  • Near the capital (+4)
  • In the country of the capital (+2)
  • In a non main nation (-1 then above)

Military strength



Then add the following 10*x^1.1/1.3^x*(x/3.5), where x= the number of decades in power.


Whatever you get by adding up the above, divide it by you Industrialization % and that is your final score.


Allies fight battles just like the main combatants.

Example Battle

Battle of Moscow

  • Location= 5
  • Military Strength = ((10 / 2) * (10 / 10)) + 0 = 5
  • Stability=((10 * (4^1.1)) / (1.3^4)) * (4 / 3.5) = 18.3858845
  • Industrialization =3%
  • 5+5+18.385= 28.385
  • 28.385 * (3%) = 0.851
  • Location= 0
  • Military Strength=((5 / 2) * (15 / 10)) + 0 = 3.75
  • Stability=((10 * (3.5^1.1)) / (1.3^3.5)) * (3.5 / 3.5) = 15.8370073
  • Industrialization= 10%
  • 0+3.75+15.837=19.587
  • 19.587*(10%)= 1.958

Germany wins this battle.

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