The Map Contest is a revolutionary new Game that gives competitors a prompt, and then challenges them to create a realistic map based on the prompt.

In order to ensure the success of the Contest, certain rules have been laid down by the Contest's founder CourageousLife.

Basic Rules

The rules are very basic:

  1. Follow the instructions, formats and prompts provided.
  2. Act your age.
  3. Notice the period after #2.
  4. The best way to prevent drama is not to start any. For clarification, see #2.
  5. The leader's word (in this case, my word) is law.
  6. In the case I am wrong, see #5.



Read the challenge. Make a map and short timeline. Pretty straight forward.


Entries can be submitted any time. Late entries can be submitted after the voting starts. However, when voting closes, no more entries will be accepted. The entries should be submitted in the following format under the contest heading:

Map Contest # (Heading 3):

Your Name (Heading 4)

Your Map (preferably 650px, but no more)

Your Timeline



If you want to vote for someone's entry, simply put your signature in their Votes section, using the four tildes (~)

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