• These are the basic rules laid out for the Global War game. They are subject to change at the will of the game's mods:
    • Really basic; be nice. No personal attacks, wild insults, flaming ect. etc.
    • Each turn will last 4 months. However, if activity is slow the length of turns may be increased, most likely up to 1 year, once the world war ends or if it never even starts. Ideally, the map game will end in 2016. That would be really great but I accept it might not last as long
    • The war algorithm is to be used for individual fighting on individual fronts. This is why I haven't included penalties for things such as fighting on multiple fronts because the algorithm takes into account troop numbers, and simultaneous fronts will lower troop numbers on each front, resulting in a lower score
    • I and the mod team will try to respond to all requests for Non Player Character (NPC) responses. Be patient but we will try. If you think that the mod response wasn't realistic please submit your complaint to the talk page and I will try to get back to you
    • We must be plausible. For example, Britain and Germany will not team up against the US but Britain and Germany do not have to fight each other. In the end just because geopolitics means you would like something doesn't mean the people will realistically
    • Only one nation per player
    • If you don't post for 3 turns without explanation to a member of the moderation team, your name will be removed from that nation and it will be available to anyone else to claim. It will also be ruled by a mod. It is ok to go on holiday and tell a mod how long you will be gone for, and then ask another user to stand in for you.
    • Profiles pages and any thing else linked to Global War must be categorized and in the title make some mention of Global War
    • Technology should be done at OTL rates unless there is a good reason (such as you have spent 10 years funnelling money into R&D)
    • Moderators word is final. If a moderator makes a ruling, there can be no protest. No matter what research you have or how much of an expert you are (or believe you are...), the moderators word is law
    • Moderators shouldn't moderate things which are in their area of interest to prevent conflict of interest unless no-one else is available. Complaints can be submitted on the talk page about conflicted interest matters.
    • Failure to follow the rules will result in a warning. The next rule breaking will result in a 5 turn ban. Any further punishment for repeated failure to follow the rules or severe rule breaking will result in a punishment at the discretion of the moderating team

Land Algorithm

So as I said do one for each front. This algo will change in 1930. Once it is created make a sub heading for it in the talk page and post it. It doesn't need to be laid out in a table format just try to make it look remotely neat. If your fighting an NPC you have to do both sides though if your fighting a player you only have to make the algo as part of yourself. If 2 NPCs are fighting the moderators will do it. You are expected to do your own algo although you can ask any mod for assistance. Algos are compulsory. Try to do them as quickly as possible as you can't claim anything until they are done)


This is done from nearest resupply base for example Algeria wanted to invade Niger it's nearest resupply base would be Oran and the surrounding regions because even if the desert is your territory that doesn't help you. Plus it's subject to terrain. It is easier to move something the same distance through the English countryside than through the Antarctic. Having good transport links with your supply base affects which category you fall into.

+14 if your at the war (only really applies to the defender so if the Germans were on the streets of Paris or something)

+12 if your next to the war (can be for either side think German- France border in WWII where both sides had industry close behind their front lines)

+8 nearby to the war (if Spain invaded Portugal their nearest resupply base would be Madrid)

+3 across a channel or something or quite a large area (The Allies in Operation Overlord or the Russians defending against Operation Barbarrosa when it started)

-1 considerable distance or a small sea (Italy invading Libya or crossing the Sahara)

-5 crossing at least one of the smaller oceans or a really big space (If India wanted to invade Somali or you try to go through the Amazon rainforest)

-10 your crossing either the Pacific or Atlantic

Tactical Advantage

+1 for being the defender but having no defensive positions

+3 for being defender and having a position (a few shell scrapes or a gentle slope)

+5 for being defender and having a good position (a trench or a river)

+7 for being defender and having a very good position (Alps, Rhine river, Maginot line or something a bit smaller)

+9 if it's an amphibious invasion or airborne landing to the defender

+3 if you have slightly more equipment than your opponent (artillery, tanks aircraft)

+6 if you have a lot more equipment (up to 30% more stuff)


You pick the highest one from each of these categories:

Home Front

-6 if your homeland is being ruined/ occupied and your not defending it or you feel treasonous towards your government (The Russian Empire or colonial troops while their homes are destroyed)

-3 if you dislike your government or people at home are suffering (The USSR and the Blitz)

+3 if you like your government and people at home are safe (Britain during WWI)

+6 if your really enthusiastic and people at home are doing better than normal (Americans during WWII or any of America's middle eastern adventures)


-5 your suppressing your own civilian population

-2 your suppressing someone else's civilian population or your there because your government ordered you to be and you don't know why else

+2 your aiding an oppressed people you don't know or you were attacked first for no reason as well as launching a pre- emptive strike at a nation you fear

+5 your fighting for clear economic or religious gain or your defending your nation from one you really don't like

+9 if you do not win this is the end such as the German invasion of Poland

Recent success

0 if this is the first turn of the algo

-1 if you lost the last algo

-3 if you lost the last 2 algos

It's cumulative so every turn you lose you add another -2. If you win one it wipes the slate clean. This is just for the front your at


Take the UTC time and turn it into digits and then times it by your edit count and take the 2nd and 3rd numbers and add them together. For NPCs use an edit count of 500. For example 09:38 UTC so 938 times 543 makes 509,334 so that is 0+ 9. So that would be +9 in the algo.


So you take the number of troops you have at that front and times it by your country's military tier (the tiers are at the bottom) and then divide it by 10,000 and then you have your score (We will see if dividing it by 10,000 is right. I think it is for the scale of WWII)

Military tiers

Tier 1 ( times it by 1.4)

  • Germany

Tier 2 (times it by 1.2)

  • Britain
  • France

Tier 3 (times it by 1)

  • United States
  • Austria- Hungary
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Japan

Tier 4 (times it by 0.8)

  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Denmark
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Montenegro
  • Luxembourg
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Luxembourg

Tier 5 (times it by 0.6)

  • Ottoman Empire
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Siam

Tier 6 (times it by 0.4)

Any I have not listed above. Feel free to write on the talk page if you think there is something wrong with that list.

Sea Algorithm


Works the same as the land algorithm except times the final score by 3


So for every engagement you have at sea you need to make one of these. Submarines aren't included in the algo. If any nation wishes to use them due to their unique status it needs to be written in their turn and then the mod events will take it into account.

Dreadnought- 10

Pre- Dreadnought- 7

Battle cruisers- 5

Armoured Cruiser- 3

Light cruiser- 2

Destroyer- 1

So add up all of that and then times it by your naval tier.

Tier 1 (1.2)

  • Britain

Tier 2 (1)

  • Germany
  • France
  • United States

Tier 3 (0.8)

  • Russia
  • Ottoman Empire
  • Austro- Hungarian Empire
  • Italy

If you want the naval score of another nation feel free to enquire on the talk page but not many other nations will be fighting a naval war.

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