These are the rules for Coronae et Cruces: Furia fidelis (Map Game).

General Rules:

  • No disputing a Mod's ruling unless you can back it up.
  • Technology will advance roughly along OTL so please no firearms in 1200 or nukes in the 1500s.
  • The main goal of these rules are to keep the game realistic, every turn must be plausible and no-one can achieve world domination in ten turns,
  • A turn is one day. Each turn is composed of actions, which can be militaristic, economic, diplomatic or constructive.
  • Turns begin at 00:00 UTC. Do not edit past turns.
  • Any conquered lands have their inhabitants, and they must be dealt with.
  • Keep in mind the linguistic effects of conquering and colonisation.
  • Every five years a map is to be made. A moderator marked as the Mapmaker will edit the map.
  • Every map must be saved as a .png on the current map template.
  • Each player will "call" a nation, this will be their main nation.
  • The moderators of this game have the power to grant and regulate all technology for each state as well as regulate plausibility. They also have the right to create random yet plausible and fair events in any and every nation throughout the course of the game. 
  • Espionage is allowed and will be detailed later, there is a clear distinction between espionage and meta-gaming.
  • Alliances and unions are allowed as is bargaining to achieve these, although remember to be plausible.
  • If a nation is inactive then it is considered to have become isolationist and is fair game for conquering and attacking. However there will be resistance.
  • There are supernational confederations (e.g. The Holy Roman Empire, The Kalmar Union, The European Union, The African Union.etc). They function like alliances and can be broken and formed. 
  • You can commission privateers to raid a nation's shipping but they will reduce relations with the nation you hired them against.
  • The game ends in the present year.
  • Profile pages for your state are highly recommended.
  • If you are new, you may start the game in the turn that you joined.
  • No editing any past turns to contradict events which have already happened.
  • Not everyone can have an industrialized, liberal, stable, peaceful nation.
  • Unless your nation has been annexed in a war or vassalized as a result of war (see the mods for the last one), you may not switch nations.

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