Hello, these are the rules for Colonial World (Map Game).

Basic Rules

  1. Be plausible, Ethiopia cannot defeat Russia in 5 years.
  2. Follow the rules.
  3. Don't plagiarize or swear, please.
  4. If you violate the rules, you get a warning. Three warnings and you get banned.
  5. One day = One year in the game.
  6. Mods control all unplayed countries and can call down Natural Disasters, or cause civil disorder.
  7. Have Fun!

Nation Rules

  1. Please don't join as a major country (ex.Spain) if you aren't an experienced player or have less than 100 edits!
  2. If your nation is destroyed or conquered by another country, you may choose another country.
  3. Only one nation per person.
  4. If you add a new nation to your nation, you can incorporate their military, economic, and naval scores to your own.

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